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JLA Advogados is a Mozambican law firm that provides a high quality service to its Clients across the various branches of Law. 


Our firm, which is undergoing expansion and is one of the most dynamic in the Mozambique market, is composed of experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge of Mozambican law. 

Based on a strict ethical code, JLA Advogados seeks excellence in order to respond in the most efficient way to the needs of its Clients, investing in the provision of quality services with effective added value.



Amendment of the Investment Law Regulation

Decree no. 20/2021 of April 13 was published, approving amendments to the Investment Law Regulation with a view to adjust the legal regime to the new institutional framework for coordination of investment processes and to the goal of attracting and facilitating domestic and foreign investment. JLA Advogados highlights the main amendments introduced to the Regulation. 

Project regulation on off-grid energy access

Under Law 21/97, the Council of Ministers is in the process of approving the Regulation on Off-Grid Energy Access which, in essence, enshrines the principles applicable to the activity of supply for access to energy outside the National Electricity Network and also the authorisation process for its exercise.

Operationalization of the activities of the Competition Regulatory Authority

The Competition Law provides, inter alia, for anti-competitive practices whose verification it is intended to prohibit, unless in circumstances expressly and exceptionally provided for in the Competition Law or its Regulation.

New Law on Credit Institutions and Financial Companies

The New Law on Credit Institutions and Financial Companies, approved by Law no. 20/2020 of 31 December, which revokes the previous Law 15/99 of 1 November, as amended by Law no. 9/2004 of 21 July (hereinafter "LICSF"), was recently published. 




What’s new

JLA Advogados highlighted in IFLR1000

JLA Advogados was highlighted as one of the best law firms in Mozambique by the international directory IFLR 1000.

Abreu Advogados with a double participation in the May edition of “The Lawyer” magazine 

Zara Jamal and Miguel Teixeira de Abreu sign an opinion article about Sovereign Wealth Funds in Africa. Zara Jamal also shared the Mozambican perspective in the feature article “Legal Networks bringing a vast continent together”.

Zara Jamal and Manuel Santos Vítor sign opinion article in Jeune Afrique's magazine: The Africa Report

Zara Jamal, partner at JLA Advogados and Abreu Advogados, and Manuel Santos Vítor, partner at Abreu Advogados, sign an opinion article on the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA)  in Jeune Afrique's magazine:The Africa Report.

Zara Jamal and José Maria Corrêa de Sampaio talked with Africa Legal

Zara Jamal and José Maria Corrêa de Sampaio talked with Africa Legal about the partnership between JLA Advogados and Abreu Advogados in Mozambique



Our team is prepared to provide our customers with the best quality services and the highest professionalism, with the aim of constantly satisfying the interests of the people and entities that seek us.

Being a young, dynamic and technically well prepared team, we make every effort to 
a constant and continuous update on what surrounds us, investing in training and new learning.


One of the main characteristics of our Team is its ability to communicate with Customers in your original language. All of our employees are fluent in at least two languages.

Always following computer innovations and innovations in terms of communications, both 
the office, like its employees, are experienced users of new technologies information, making them indispensable tools for their work.



JLA Advogados was elected as the best law firm of the year in the African market, at the international awards Africa Legal Awards 2020, an initiative of International publisher.



In order to provide legal services adapted to the strategic needs of our Clients in other countries, JLA Advogados has established important partnerships with other entities and foreign law firms.




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When choosing staff to join our team, we look for dynamic, responsible and effective professionals who fit in with the culture of our office and our work philosophy.


Some of the factors we consider important when deciding between applicants are motivation, commitment, technical knowledge and a positive and proactive attitude.


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