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In order to provide legal services adapted to the strategic needs of our clients in other countries, JLA Advogados has established important partnerships with other entities and foreign law firms.


Because we aim for top service, and because that is what we want for our Clients, JLA  Advogados has chosen partners who fit with our Principles and Philosophy of work.


Aware of globalisation and the increasing preference for investment in emerging markets, such as Mozambique, we work with internationally renowned law firms in order to guarantee that Clients have the best assistance, both in Mozambique and abroad. Accordingly, JLA Advogados currently cooperates with several international law firms. 
JLA Advogados is part of the LEX Africa
Portugal Mozambique Chamber of Commerce, the Italian Chamber of Commerce and the Association of companies and professionals of Mozambique' Fintec's and Insurtech's. JLA is also part of the International Association of Portuguese-Speaking Young Lawyers and the Federation of Portuguese-speaking lawyers.

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