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Who we are

JLA Advogados is a Mozambican law firm that provides high standard legal services to its clients across various branches of law.


We have a strong presence and we are one of the most dynamic in the Mozambique market, equipped with experienced professionals deeply knowledgeable in Mozambican law.


All lawyers at JLA Advogados are committed to meeting the needs of its clients and consider themselves partners of our clients in any project developed in Mozambique. We have a team of professionals ready to address the needs of both Mozambican and foreign clients looking to invest in Mozambique, in any province, or Mozambican companies looking to invest in other countries through our international network.


We are an independent law firm that fosters institutional connections with various international lawyer associations and foreign law firms.


We invest in the continuous training of our team and in the development of technical and personal skills, ensuring our clients that we provide the most robust and innovative legal solutions.


Alongside our activities, we seek to be a positive impact agent in civil society by providing pro bono services and conducting various social responsibility initiatives.

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