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Based on a strict ethical code, JLA Advogados seeks excellence in order to respond in the most efficient way to the needs of its Clients, investing in the provision of quality services with effective added value.

The personal and professional valuation of lawyers and technological investment are a priority for JLA Advogados. We intend our Law Firm to be an institution that lasts far beyond the partners who founded it and those who integrate it. The JLA Advogados team assumes total dedication and perseverance in relation to its Clients' matters, treated on the basis of rigor, responsibility and competence.


Our main goal is to promote a culture of meritocracy and teamwork.

We want to provide our customers with excellent services and provide them with innovative solutions that meet their problems and the demands of their business. For this reason, we invest in the technical quality of our lawyers and promote their specialized training in Mozambique.

and abroad.

We believe that, in addition to professionalism, it is still imperative to be supportive and socially responsible. In this way, we have developed a pro bono policy for the provision of services and legal advice to non-profit and social organizations. Aware of the social, economic and cultural reality around us, JLA Advogados seeks to play a relevant role in the Mozambican Community and building a society based on sustainable development.

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