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Mozambique ratifies the CPLP mobility agreement

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  1. Context

In 2021, in Luanda, in the 26th meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CPLP), a Mobility Agreement was signed with the aim of strengthening relations between citizens of the CPLP Member States, as well as increasing cooperation between these States in the various socio-economic and cultural areas.
The Mobility Agreement is a framework agreement that establishes the legal basis upon which mobility and circulation will be materialized in the CPLP space, reserving the States-Parties the freedom of choice in the various modalities of mobility, namely: CPLP Short Term Stay; CPLP Temporary Stay; CPLP Residence Visa and CPLP Residence, as well as in the beneficiary groups, as well as the other States-Parties with whom they intend to establish partnership. This agreement is based on a flexible and variable system, taking into account the specificities of each State, safeguarding the international commitments assumed by the Member States with regard to mobility, resulting from regional integration agreements to which they are party. As such, it is now up to each State to legislate specifically on how it will facilitate mobility within the commitments undertaken under this agreement.


  2. Ratification by Mozambique of the Mobility Agreement

In December 2021, Mozambique proceeded with the signature and ratification of the Mobility Agreement, having in January 2022, deposited with the Executive Secretariat of the CPLP the respective ratification instrument, thus becoming the fifth of the nine Member-States of the CPLP to do so.

  3. Entry into force 

The Mobility Agreement will enter into force in Mozambique on 1 February 2022.

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