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10 years empowering your business.
Proudly local. Boldly international.


Empowering our people

We haven’t stopped growing since 2012 and today, alongside our partner law firm in Portugal, Abreu Advogados, we are a team of more than 320 people. However, it’s not about the numbers but about the people behind them. We bring together the new and the experienced generations, the curious and the more introverted; the creatives and the pragmatists.

We may have different backgrounds and areas of expertise but we all share the same values - passion for Mozambique and an incredible mission to accomplish: to break down barriers and inspire our clients.

Empowering next generation lawyers

The top lawyers of the future are here. We believe and invest in the most promising talent in the Mozambican legal practice. Every year for the last decade we opened our doors to an outstanding generation who combines innovation and excellence.

With an open-door policy, we have been fostering conversations and growing together for the past 10 years along an extraordinary path made of outstanding and exciting talent.

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Empowering your business

Everyday we assist our clients so they are aware of all the legal and tax details necessary to excel themselves and go beyond what they may think is possible, in order to achieve more. That was our purpose when we started back in 2012 and has remained unchanged until now, in fact it has only been reinforced by the challenging times the world is going through.

We know that empowering businesses is complex, but that is our daily drive, and what makes us different is our commitment to be closer to our clients and do better every day.

Empowering Mozambique

We are proud Mozambicans. For the past 10 years we have grown in an incredible community, always seeking to create an impact around us, because we know that a sustainable and developed Country will have more resilient businesses, services and education.

This is a mission for each and every one of us. We do our part every day, joining forces to make this “pearl of the Indian Ocean” grow, to promote its potential beyond its borders and make it socially and economically developed, and we do so because we believe in Mozambicans. We believe in Mozambique.

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We’ll keep empowering

The world is moving, and we are moving along with it. The reality we knew when we started has evolved into a disruptive technological and digital paradigm, and we have evolved with it.

We do not just follow trends, we give that “extra mile” to create, innovate, grow, make others grow and to put the future into progress. That is why, along with more than 320 professionals from our Portuguese partner firm Abreu Advogados, we have developed services and created teams for topics such as ESG, Fintech, Cybersecurity, Crypto currencies, NFTs and Metaverse.

We are ready for the future and we can assure you the next 10 years will be as exciting as these past ones.



Festival do Fado Maputo

June 17 and 18

Because culture is also part of our history, JLA Advogados is a sponsor of the first in-person edition of the Fado Festival, which takes place on 17 and 18 June. 

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JLA 10th Anniversary Cocktail

November 23

JLA Advogados and Abreu Advogados are promoting a commemorative cocktail party, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of JLA Advogados, on November 23


Open House Maputo 2022

October 29 and 30

JLA Advogados is part of the 2022 edition of Open House Maputo, the famous international initiative that invites the public to visit the most iconic buildings in cities to discover their history and architectural details.

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Conference on the Arbitration Law in Mozambique

November 22

JLA Advogados, Abreu Advogados and Eduardo Mondlane University are organizing the conference "Reflections on the Arbitration, Conciliation and Mediation Law and its possible reform", in partnership with Escolar Editora and Abreu Advogados Knowledge Institute.

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